Next travel destination : Singapore

I was thinking for a long time what my first post on the blog should  be about and as a traveling is my biggest passion after the animals, I have decided it to be a travel post about one of my absolutely most fav destinations I have visited so far – Singapore . Visiting Singapore wasn’t my main plan, the main plan was to visit Bali, but all the  flight connections I have checked to Bali were passing via Singapore. Me and my boyfriend decided to give it a try and spend a few days in Singapore on our way to Bali and also a few days on our way back from Bali to Europe.

I had literary no expectations, but I would love to visit every single country on this planet, so I would be satisfied with everything. But I have to say Singapore has totally stolen my heart. This city is different in every corner and super photogenic, it’s one of the best cities for taking pretty pictures.

Local people in Singapore are very polite and friendly and streets are absolutely clean. It is forbidden to eat in a public transport (you get a fine if you do it). I really appreciate it as people who are chewing their food or chewing gum with opened mouth are driving me crazy 😀 It was also forbidden to take durians by the public transport and if you have ever smelled this crazy fruit, you understand why. I was told it smells bad, but tastes really good so I tried durian, well, I will never do that mistake again ! It was one of the worst fruits I have ever eaten, I highly don’t recommend it 😀

Places you shoudl definitely visit in Singapore :

1) Gardens by the Bay : are a must if you visit Singapore and it’s one of the most famous places to visit there. The entrance to the gardens is for free, but the gardens are offering a lot of paid attractions. I have chosen attraction called OCBC Skyway, which takes you up for the walk at the top of the futuristic trees. I am really scared of heights, but it was definitely not scary at all, I felt protected and the view from there was sooo amazing. I highly recommend it !  I also recommend a walk in the gardens during the night. It has such a magical atmosphere and it’s absolutely stunning. I didn’t wanna leave from there, I could stare at the gardens for the whole night.

2) Chinese/ Japanese gardens : are a perfect location if you wanna relax a bit and get out of typical busy daily life. These gardens are such a peaceful and beautiful place with interesting Asian architecture.

3) Buddha Tooth Relic Temple : This budhist temple is also beautiful from the outside, but from the inside it’s really spectacular. You have many golden Budhas statues spread inside and tables where you can put down your offerings for Budha. I also saw some budhist who came to pray there and I have to say it was really interesting experience as I didn’t see any budhist temple before.

4) Sri Mariamman Temple : is a very interesting hinduist temple. As in the case of the budhist temple, tourists are allowed to enter. I recommend to visit it during praying time, it was absolutely amazing experience for me. Once you enter the temple,you can take a walk around the temple and see a statues of the hindu Gods.

5) Masjid Sultan : this mosque is so incredibly beautiful from outside, it’s another perfect spot for pictures. Also as in the case of previous 2 places on the list, the entrance for tourists was allowed. I have never visited a mosque before so it was definitely interesting to see moslims praying there.

6) Merlion Park : is another beautiful spot for pictures and with the statue of Merlion you can take plenty of them, especially funny ones. Unfortunately for a good picture you will have to wait for a while as this place is quite overcrowded with tourists. Actually I think it was the only place, which was overcrowded with tourists. It is also something I love about Singapore, it’s not crazily filled with tourists, so you can enjoy the real atmosphere of the city.

7) Marina Bay : is a wonderful place filled with skycrapers and futuristic buildings

8) Helix bridge : is definitely the most interesting bridge I have ever walked across and there are quite a few awesome spots for pictures

9) China town : if you come to Singapore you shouldn’t forget to visit this place and its‘ street food. When I saw my meal in front of me for the first time, I wasn’t quite sure if I wanna really eat it, but at the end it was definitely the best Chinese meal I have ever eaten in my life. Also in chinatown you can buy plenty of cheap and cute souvenirs.

10) Clarke Quay : this place is just perfect for a good dinner and chillout evening. With all the colorful lights it has a very special atmosphere. Disadvantage is a long waiting time to eat in some of the restaurants in Clarke Quay due to the amount of people who would like to dine there, so make sure to have a reservation to save your time

11) Tolido’s Espresso Nook : I don’t wanna talk a lot about restaurants or places to eat at, but I have to definitely highlight this place for breakfast. They have the best banana pancakes ever !! with the best ice drinks called ‚Ice blended‘. They offer these drinks in various flavours and I am still dreaming about my drink and banana pancakes from there. It is also a one of a really few places in Singapore where you can find sweet breakfast as local people always start their day with salty breakfast. For me it is just really weird and I always have to start my day with sugar.

Outfit details :

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Blouse : SheIn (here)

Pearl slides : Inuikii (here)

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