When one bag is not enough

I think every woman has obsession over bags and we always need them in different sizes, shapes and colors and we never have enough ๐Ÿ˜€ But in my opinion quality is more important than quantity and when it comes to bags, I always prefer to have less of them, but of a great quality. Also 90% of the time I dress very elegant and therefore I am always searching for elegant bags, which will match my outfits perfectly. To find out elegants bags available in many shapes and colors and at the same time being made of a great materials and quality is really hard. But girls donโ€™t despair, I know a perfect solution to this problem –  Delage bags (here). Delage is a french brand of luxury leather bags, which follows the tradition of the successful automobile company. I absolutely adore all the bags from Delage and I am 100% satisfied with them. They always travel the world with me as they always perfectly match my outfits. Probably my most favourite model is Ginette bag, which I have in various colors due to my obsession. It is really a perfect bag, which simply match every single outfit. 

Hand-bag Ginette in Chรจvre Dragee (here)

Hand-bag Ginette in Fuchsia color

Hand-bag Freda Mini in Bleu ciel (here

Delage bags in outfits : 

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