3 best photo spots in Porto

Porto is definitely one of my 3 most fav cities in Europe. It has special atmosphere you have to fall in love. After living there for 5 years, I left a huge part of my heart in Porto. I could write how much I love this city for hours, but I don’t want to make you feel bored 😀 Porto has plenty of amazing places to visit and to take pics at, but here are my 3 most favourite ones:


1)Foz do Douro : This is my absolutely most fav district in Porto. You can find there plenty of good restaurants, bars, cafes and of course my beloved beach. After moving to Portugal from a country which doesn’t have access to the ocean, I was absolutely obsessed with this district and I still am. You can find plenty of different beaches in Porto, but promenade near this beach is just best one. Also ,Pergola da Foz’ which is one of the most romantic spots in this beautiful city is located here. Near Pergola da Foz you can also find a lighthouse and palm tree alley. All of these locations are super photogenic and when the Sun goes down, it is time for extraordinary pictures.


2)Ribeira : is a long promenade next to river Douro and I have so many memories connected to this location. Douro river was the way how in past famous Porto wine was transported. You can enjoy atmosphere of Ribeira especially during warm days. It is always full of city buzz and street artists. This place definitely makes me feel relaxed and during my uni days I used to come here and study for my exams. Other side of the Douro river is called Vila Nova de Gaia and you can find there all the Porto wine sellers. I recommend Porto wine tasting in wine cellars, there is nothing more delicious than old Porto wine. Ribeira and Gaia are connected to each other with one of the Porto’s icons – Dom Luis I bridge.


3)Botanical garden of Porto : This botanical garden belongs to the University of Porto and it was created by students. I love to go there especially during spring and summer when flowers many are blooming and they are really perfect background for pictures. Who wouldn’t love flowers right? 🙂

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