Next travel destination : Brussels


Brussels or city also known as the capital of European Union is in my opinion very nice and cozy city. It is perfect for a few days trip full of good food and sightseeing. I would say local people in Brussels are very nice and I really enjoyed atmosphere of this city.


Places you should visit :

1) Grande place : Is a heart of the city center of Brussels and it is full of really amazing architecture with perfect golden details on the buildings. You can find here a lot of shops,cafés,restaurans and it is full of people and hustle, especially during dinner time



2) Town hall : Is a part of Grande place and it is a really wonderful building



3) Monts des Arts : This place definitely offers you a breath taking view to whole Brussels and you can always find there some artist performing art of any kind



4) Manneken Pis : is a very famous statue of a boy who is urinating into a fountain. When I saw him for the first time he was naked, but the other time when I saw him he was dressed in a costume. I found it really funny. His costumes are changed a few times per week.



5) Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert : Is a gallery full of elegant cafés, restaurant, shops and apartments. It is definitely one of the prettiest places for shopping I have ever seen.



6) Royal palace : Is my most favorite place of all in Brussels. This palace is truly so beautiful, I love its architecture. Part of the palace are also royal gardens. Unfortunately entrance to the palace and its gardens is allowed only during summer months, so I wasn’t lucky to visit them



7) Cinquantenaire : is a gorgeous park and at its end you can find beautiful Triumphal arch, which was built as a sign of an independent state of Belgium. It is awesome place for a walk and relax.



Where to eat ? 

1) Waffles: Belgium is definitely known for its waffles. I have tried various of them at various places, but I definitely like them the most in a very lovely café Gaufre de Brussels. In a combination with hazelnut macchaito they were really spectacular.



2) Belgian chocolate and pralines : are very well known all around the world and you can find many different brands selling them all over Brussels, but I like the most the ones from Neuhaus. All of their chocolates are really delicious and they are selling also the best hot chocolate ever. You can find a small Neuhas ‚café‘ in Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert just next to Neuhas shop and they offer there chocolate mouses, hot chocolates etc. Be careful this hot chocolate is very addictive and you will always come back to buy another one 😀



3) Mussels : Another very famous Belgian meal are mussels. I tried them in a restaurant Chez Leon and I have to say I really enjoyed my dinner. This restaurant is really cozy, i liked the interior design, service was fine and food was delicious. You can find this restaurant in the city center and it is quite famous, so unless you do not have a reservation, you will have to wait some time before you can enjoy your meal. I have tried there mussels and shrimps with cheese in a tomato and both meals were yummy.

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