Next travel destination : Dublin

Dublin, capital of Ireland is a lovely city full of photogenic streets and beautiful architecture. Dublin is full of city buzz, but at the same time not too filled with tourist, which I really enjoyed as life in London can be sometimes challenging 😀 Irish people are very welcoming and whole city has very nice atmosphere. Even though it is a capital, this city is not so big and if you like to walk, all the sightseeing places are near to each other and easily accessible by walk .


A few spots you shouldn’t miss while visiting Dublin :

1) Dublin Castle : is definitely my number one from all the visited places. Architecture of the castle is absolutely gorgeous (like from a fairytale) and next to the castle is located beautiful garden where you can soak up the sunshine. Inside of castle you can find some very gorgeous rooms with interesting interior designs, paintings etc.



2)  National museum + archaelogy part : National museum in Dublin is one of the best national museums I have ever visited. It exhibits so many spieces of the animals and also many animal’s skeletons. Absolutely spectacular! Archaelogy part exhibits plenty of treasures from Ancient Egypt, Bronze age, bodies from Iron age, historical jewelry etc. If you love history you will definitely love this place. You can spend the whole day inside and entrance is for free to both parts of the museum.



3)  Trinity College : is a college which was founded in 16th century by Queen Elizabeth I. It is very gorgeous college and the student atmosphere made me to miss my time at the university. This college is especially famous for its library, unfortunately due to lack of time I haven’t had chance to visit it.



4) Christ Church Cathedral : Dublin is city full of churches and cathedrals, but this cathedral is definitely the most beautiful one. Its architecture is just stunning, i really recommend you stopping by.



5) Molly Malone : is a statue of fishmonger from very popular Irish song. I personally like interesting statues and Molly is definitely one of them. As she is located in city center, she is also popular place for street artists to perform.



6) Pubs : Dublin is full of pubs and if you want to experience real Irish atmosphere you should visit at least one. The most famous one is Temple bar, which is for my taste too overcrowded with tourists.



7) St.Patrick’s Cathedral : was found in 12th century and it is the tallest church in Dublin. It is definitely another spot with beautiful architecture. It is also surrounded by beautiful garden full of colorful flowers and a fountain.




Irish food isn’t my favourite one, but I am gonna share with you at least my favourite spots for breakfast :

A) Lemon Crêpe & Coffee Co. (here) : They have the best french toast with strawberries and maple syrup I have ever eaten. It was so extremely delicious! Just thinking about it makes me having cravings. It is a very small coffee, nothing super fancy, but food they offer is absolute dream. I highly recommend this place.



B) Ladurée Dublin (here) : I don’t think Ladurée needs any introduction, it is well known all around the world. They definitely make the best macarons and I absolutely adore Ispahan cake (here) + in a combination with hot chocolate and beautiful interior design Ladurée Dublin offers, it is definitely a perfect way to start your morning 🙂

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