Next travel destination : Oslo

Oslo, capitol of Norway has absolutely stolen my heart. It is not a typical city full of museums, attractions etc like for example Paris or London, but the atmosphere of the city is amazing and there is something very special about it. I also enjoyed beautiful architecture,mix of historical buildings in the city center and modern architecture a bit farer from there.

Top places to visit in Oslo :

1) Viking Ship Museum : Here my dream came true as I love Vikings and to stand next to a real Viking ship was so amazing. In Museum you can find several Viking ships and different tools and objects which were found on those Viking ships. I have to admit Viking ships were huge and I was so amazed with every small detail on them. It is absolutely artistic work!

2)The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History : If you are into history, you definitely shouldnโ€™t miss this museum. It is an open air musem with different historical houses and buildings gathered all around Norway. There are different buildings from different years and it brings you closer to historical life of Norwegians.

3)Royal Palace: Is definitely my most favorite building in Oslo. It is absolutely wonderful, but which palace isnโ€™t, right? You can find there also Norwegian Royal Guards guarding the building and if you politely ask, they are also happy to pose for your pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

3)Aker Brygge  : Is district next to the inner harbour, which is full of restaurants, bars etc. It is also a place where you can buy a trip by boat to Norwegian fjords or smaller boat trip, which takes you to Viking Ship Museum. Those boat trips are really lovely and I highly recommend them.

4)Oslo Opera House : Is a modern building and as the name is telling us, it is house of Norwegian opera and ballet. You can have a walk on its roof and have a wonderful view from there.

5)Barcode Project : Is a district full of modern architecture and it houses national and international businesses. If you are an architecture freak, you will definitely love the place as much as I did.

6)The Vigeland Park : Is a huge park, perfect for relax during warmer days  with more than 200 sculptures made by Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland. If you pay more attention to the sculptures, you will find out that all of them are about life and cycle of life. It is definitely one of the most interesting parks I have ever visited.

Other nice places to visit :

7)Storting building

8)National theatre

9)The Tiger

10)Trinity Church

Where to eat :

1) Godt Brรธd (here) : I have tried here Sommerbolle which was a pastry with cinnamon and puding. It was absolutely heaven in mouth. I would definitely come back to Norway just to eat it again ๐Ÿ˜€ It is very lovely place for breakfast, bruch or either lunch with amazing different possibilities of salty or sweet options. Highly recommend this place. For me it is the best place in Oslo for breakfast.

2) Liebling (here) : Is Berlin inspired coffee, which is another perfect spot for breakfast or just regular โ€šcake breakโ€˜ with such a delicious raw cakes and juice options.

3)Lofoten Fiskerestaurant (here): Is a restaurant located in Aker Brygge, so except of very delicious lunch, you can also enjoy beautiful view over the harbour. This place was gorgeous, I really liked design of the restaurant and food was really so delicious. If you wanna have a lovely lunch in Oslo, I definitely recommend this place.

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