Where to eat/drink in Porto on a budget

Porto is definitely one of my most favorite cities on the world. Everyone who has ever visited any city in Portugal will agree with me that Portuguese food is absolutely delicious! During 5 years when I was living in Portugal I have visited plenty of good restaurants/bars etc and I wanna share with you my most favorite places in Porto where you can eat and drink on a budget. My other tip for anyone visiting Porto is eating in restaurants out of touristic zones. Restaurants in touristic zones like for example Ribeira in Porto are pricey and quality is quite low.

1)Manteigaria (here) : is the best place for eating natas in Porto, typical Portuguese pastery. You should eat it with sprinkled sugar powder or cinammon on top. I personally prefer natas with cinammon on top and nothing is better for breakfast than fresh, warm nata from the oven. Manteigaria is definitely a place where you can buy the freshest natas. They also have a variety of different coffes, teas, drinks and also small meals like porridges etc. Every single thing I have tried in Manteigaria I loved! but anyway natas are my most favorite 😀 The only disadvantage of this place is it can be quite overcrowded especially during weekends as it is located in Rua Santa Catarina – famous shopping street in a city center.



2) Espaço Porto Cruz (here) : is my absolutely most favorite place in Porto for wine and cocktails. It is rooftop bar of the hotel and you can enjoy breath taking view over beautiful Porto while enjoying your yummy cocktail or glass of an old Porto wine. You can also order small meals like cheese plate/desserts etc. If you are really hungry, you can take an elevator one floor down and enjoy restaurant in the same hotel. During hot summer weekends there is also a bonus – DJ playing a great music which makes the rooftop atmosphere absolutely perfect.



3) Cerverjaria Brasão (here): is a restaurant where they cook absolutely fabulous ! Staff here is always so nice and helpful. I am usually not very good eater, I never can have multiple meals, but here I always do! And they have the best salads ever. It is always hard to choose from starters, I love all of them. I highly recommend this place. The only disadvantage is the restaurant is usually completely full and you have to wait around 30min -1 hour to have free table, so make sure you reserve your table in advance to prevent long waiting.



4) Kanpai Downtown (here) : is my favorite sushi place on a budget. They offer lunch or dinner menu. Lunch menu consists of starter, sushi of 16 pieces and drink. Sushi is of different varieties and different kind of fish and I am always leaving this place with full tummy. I also like this cute sushi place because it is opened until 3pm for lunch, meanwhile majority of restaurants in Porto close at 2pm and cook again just around 6-7pm.



5) Mercado Bom Sucesso (here) : I am always fan of markets as they always offer variety of different kitchens and this market belongs to my probably the most favorite one from all I have ever visited. You can find here different meat, sea food, fish etc offers. My absolutely most favorite place in all the market is Pokebowl place. I have eaten many pokebowls around the world, but here they have absolutely the best options for creating your own pokebowl. You have option of either premade pokebowls or you can create your own. Poke comes from Hawai and it is not just super delicious, but healthy as well.



6) Leitaria da Quinta do Paço (here) : is another gorgeous coffee chain with the best Éclaires. You have so many choices. I recommend passion fruit or red berries flavour. Heaven in mouth! Also they offer variety of different coffees or teas.



7) O melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo (here) : name of this coffe in translation means the best chocolate cake on the world and it really is! I have never eaten a better chocolate cake in my life. This place is situated in Foz, which is amazing district in Porto near the beach. You can enjoy your fabulous cake with ocean sounds and view. You can choose from 2 versions of the cake : sweeter or less sweet, just as you prefer it. This coffee is very small, but so cozy. Everytime I return to Porto I am heading off there to have sweeter version of this famous chocolate cake

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