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I am so in love with Cape Town and South Africa in general. It was my first and definitely not the last trip to this destination. Here you have places you shouldn’t miss when visiting Cape Town :



1)Table Mountain : The most iconic point of Cape Town is definitely the Table Mountain, which you can see basically from anywhere in Cape Town due to its size. Part of the mountain creates also a National Park, where you can find fynbos, which is a group of plants possible to find only in South Africa and 70% of its flora is endemic to the Table Mountain. If you wish to, you can hike to the top of the mountain, but for lazier ones, there is also a cable car option, which takes you directly to the top. It is absolutely breath taking view over Cape Town from there.




2)V&A Waterfront + Cape Wheel : Is the most touristic zone in CT where you can find plenty of bars, coffees, restaurants and shops. It is always full of people and buzz and it has very nice atmosphere. I was there almost every day as I really enjoyed eating in restaurants in this area. You can enjoy delicious lunch or dinner near the water with a beautiful view to the Table Mountain or watching the Cape Wheel. Cape Wheel is an observation wheel with height of 40m and it offers you 360 degrees view over the city. It is definitely worth of going, it offers a gorgeous view when you are at the top of the wheel.





3)Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden : Is a botanical garden at the foot of the Table Mountain with size of 1300 acres. It is definitely the best botanical garden I have ever been to. You can find there so many different plants from all around the world. You can also find there all types of beautiful fynbos, they are so stunning !! I really enjoyed part with cycads as I was so interested in dinosauruses when I was a child and some of the cycads really look like their ancestors from dinosaurus times. You can find different statues of dinosauruses located between cycads as well. Another part I really loved was ‚fragrance garden‘ where you can smell and touch the plants and they release their smell. Many of them are used in perfumes, and of course I had to smell all of them. One of the major attractions this garden is ‚Tree Canopy Bridge‘ which is wooden bridge up in the trees, which offers another gorgeous view. This garden is definitely a place where you can spend a whole day.




4)Boulders Beach : Who wouldn’t love famous Boulders Beach with cute penguins, right? It is the only place on the world where you can get close to African Penguins. African penguins are endangered penguin specie and they live in colonies on Boulders Beach. The beach has 2 entrances, one is just for viewing the penguins. There is a wooden bridge, where you can stand and watch their natural behavior. A couple of metres away is a second entrance, which leads you to beach with penguins. If you will go to Instagram and search for Boulders Beach, you will find many beautiful pictures of people with penguins, but be ready, penguins are hiding behind huge rocks, which you have to climb. Majority of people just gave up and left when they saw the route they had to pass to be in enclosure with penguins 😀 Unfortunately, at the time when I was there, it was time of hatching the eggs and female penguins were laying in their nest on their eggs and the males were near by to protect them, so I haven’t had chance to be surrounded by them. It was really challenging to get really close to them, as every single time I tried to get closer, they were scared and went away, but I have amazing memories, when I went to the ocean and they were swimming between my legs 🙂




5)Cape of Good Hope / Cape Point : If you love history it is a must. Cape of Good Hope is not so interesting, but it has real historical value, especially if you are a Portuguese. I personally prefer Cape Point, which offers absolutely stunning views and you can walk up the hill to famous lighthouse. You can also meet here many baboons and wild ostriches. Remember not to feed baboons as it causes them becoming more aggressive towards people.




6)Bo-Kaap : Is a former township and it is famous for its colorful houses. Some sites in Bo-Kaap became National Heritage Sites in May this year. People living in this zone are predominantly muslims and you can find there a few mosques as well. Bo-Kaap is full of girls taking pictures here, that’s why I named it African Notting Hill 😀 But when taking pictures, always remember these house belong to someone, so be always respectful.




7)Camps Bay Beach : Is an amazing beach near the city center. From one side of the beach is located the ocean, meanwhile from the other side is located the Table Mountain. How amazing is that! Near by you have many restaurants, coffees etc. Nothing is better than having dinner near the ocean and watching the sunset while enjoying delicious meal.




8)Muizenberg Beach : Is famous for its colorful beach houses. It is definitely a beautiful beach with an amazing view, but I personally wouldn‘t return back. This beach was the first place I haven’t felt really safe in CT. It is located near one of the most dangerous townships in CT and when we were laying on the beach, gangster-looking people were circling around us and staring at us. Nobody really approached us, but when somebody is circling around you for 10th time and staring at you, it doesn’t give you any safe feeling. I was in CT during African winter, so beach was completely empty except of a couple local people and a few surfers in the ocean, so it can be also a reason why these strange people were on the beach. This beach is also famous for sharks, so be careful if going to the ocean. I was in the ocean, but I didn’t go as far as I would normally go and I was really happy I did it, as a shark center who is vigilating sharks to keep people in the ocean safe, spotted a white shark near the beach at the time I was in the ocean, crazy! I know I wrote many negatives about this beach 😀 but it is a place I would recommend to visit, you just have to be careful 🙂




9)The Giraffe House Wildlife Awareness Centre : Is an educational center where you can see some of the African wildlife. I know many people criticise places like this as the animals are encaged, but people shouldn’t forget that all of these animals are rescue animals and they wouldn’t survive in the nature anymore, so actually places like this offer them having almost a normal life. I was reading mixed reviews about this place, as I always do before visiting any place with animals to make sure I don’t support animal cruelty and I decided to give it a try. At the end I have to say, I am really glad I went there. Animals are treated well, they have a good welfare. All of these animals also had access to fresh water and food. As a major attraction is feeding of giraffes, which was always my dream and if you are lucky you can also cuddle with them 🙂  Center is not big and it will take you maximum of 2 hours to enjoy it there, but it is so worth of coming! Also make sure you have cash with you as there is no possibility of paying by card.




10)World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary and Monkey Park : Is a largest bird park in Africa. Except of birds, you can find here different types of small mammals. The biggest attraction is definitely a monkey park, which is opened only during exact hours. In monkey park you have chance to come into close contact with squirrel monkeys. They are so funny! You definitely shouldn’t miss to visit this place 🙂




11)Chapman’s Peak : Is a famous spot for pictures and absolutely amazing place for watching the sunset. It offers beautiful view over gorgeous landscapes and the ocean and it has very romantic atmosphere, perfect for couples.




12)Lion’s Head : Is another famous mountain in CT. It is around half lenght of the Table Mountain. I have decided to hike it to the top. Unfortunately, I hiked it on a rainy day and totally at the top of the mountain was a lot of fog, but on the way back down the wind took the fog away and I was able to see breath taking views. For hiking the mountain you have 2 options : recommended route, which is quite safe route and then route where you go on your own danger and you have to use chains for hiking. I don’t know why I chose the second option and I have to say it was really challenging and one of the craziest things I have ever done in my life. I was crazily scared as I am scared of heights, I was shaking, sometimes almost crying and wanted to give up many times, but I managed to get to the top. If you need some adrenaline in your life, definitely choose the second route option 😀 For both routes you have to be fit as getting to the top can be really exhausting.


Hope you enjoy reading this post and soon you will be able to read more about my amazing safari experience 🙂

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