Stay with Banksia Boutique Hotel and Spa

Banksia Boutique Hotel and Spa (here) was another amazing hotel where I stayed during my holidays in South Africa. I stayed there for 4 nights and I have to say in my opinion it is the most stylish hotel in the whole city of Cape Town. It has exactly that style I love.

Location :

Banksia Hotel is located around 7 minutes by drive from the city centre. Banksia Hotel is situated between private houses on a very quite street, so it is a perfect place if you are searching for a quite place, where you can relax to the fullest.

Hotel rooms :

There are only 8 hotel rooms in Banksia Hotel. They are all very stylish and even though they are not big in size, they are super cosy. In the middle of the room you can find really comfortable bed and every room has spacious bathroom.  As there is only 8 rooms, atmosphere in the hotel is very lovely and familiar.

Ammenities :

In the hotel you can find indoor pool and jacuzzi, which are perfect places to relax. Part of the hotel is also a Spa with plenty of different massages options, facial treatment etc. For any spa treatment you need previous booking.

Food :

There is complimentary breakfast every morning in the form of a buffet, which is super yummy with different salty and sweet options available. Every table is so nicely decorated that you have feeling you are having breakfast like a royalty. For lunch and dinner there is no โ€žreal kitchenโ€œ, so therefore there is no possibility to have a proper cooked meal, but there is possibility of having a small snack like sandwiches, baguettes etc, available also like a room service.

Staff :

Staff in Banksia Hotel is absolutely amazing! They treat you with so much respect and they are always very friendly and helpful. They genuinely care of you and want for you to have the most amazing stay. You really feel in Banksia Hotel like if being at home !

Banksia Boutique Hotel and Spa is definitely a place where I would gladly return anytime ๐Ÿ™‚

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