Ultimate London experience with London Pass

London is definitely one of my most favorite cities on the world and I absolutely love to live here. I am never bored here and during my free time I have so many different options what I can do. I think London is definitely one of the coolest cities you can visit and every single time you are leaving, you will think you haven’t seen enough of it and you have to return again one day. London is full of different sightseeing locations, historical buildings, museums, theaters and so many more activities you can do. But let’s be honest, London can be quite pricey. Entrances to all the places you want to visit can be too much, but now I have a great option for you – London Pass, with which you can visit all the places from your list and not to pay a fortune!


So what is London Pass?

London Pass is a digital sightseeing pass which gives you an opportunity to visit more than 80 attractions in London. London Pass is also available in a form of a card, but I think in a modern world like we are living at, all of you will prefer digital pass in your phone.


How does it work?

You just simply download London Pass application on your phone and you buy your London Pass either through the application or at Your London Pass is activated since the moment you enter your first attraction. It is so super easy to use! 🙂


Why to buy a London Pass?

  1. As I mentioned before it can save you a lot of money, which you can spend for shopping of souvenirs. There are too many amazing shops in London 😝
  2. On many attractions you can use Fast Track, which allows you to pass never ending queues and not to waster your precious time. People living in London know it too well, people are everywhere, you have to wait everywhere.
  3. If you are really not sure what attractions you would like to visit, London Pass comes with a free guide book, which can be super handy 🙂
  4. With London Pass you have many discounts for different shows in different theatres, discounts in restaurants etc


Which London Pass is the most suitable for you?

This is really individual as it depends on how many attractions you would like to visit, and of course also on the fact how much time you are going to spend in London. If you are coming for a week, I advice you to buy London Pass for at least 2-3 days. London Pass is available for 1,2,3,6 or 10 days. More days London Pass you buy, more money you save.



My fabulous day with London Pass :

Thanks to London Pass I visited so many amazing activities, but I will share my 3 most favorite ones with you:

Churchill War Room

Second World War has always been so interesting for me and if that’s something you are interested in as well, you definitely shouldn’t miss this place. Churchill War Room was a bunker used by Churchill and all the other important people during WWII, where they were planning how to fight nazis. It is just crazy to think how many important decisions were made here. This museum is super interesting with many facts and objects + one part is Churchill Museum, where I learnt many interesting facts about Churchill’s life. I spent here almost 2,5 hours and I can tell you, I felt like a rat in a cage at the end. I really can’t imagine people were actually living here during war times. It is crazy!

Tower of London :

Is my absolutely most favorite sightseeing place in London. It is a historical castle with its roots in 11th century. It is historically so important and so beautiful that it is considered to be a part of the Unesco World Heritage. Tower of London was used as a Royal Residence and for some time also as a prison. Nowadays it is a museum where you can find the mentioned former prison, armoury, famous Crown Jewels of England and many more. I love armoury part as I think it is super interesting and I have to admit many of the armours are so beautiful. As I am a woman, obviously the most interesting part for me is the Crown Jewels of England with soooo many beautiful pieces. All the diamonds and golden pieces, I am sure eyes of every woman shine when looking to all of that beauty. Mine shined definitely a lot ! Unfortunately, I am not able to add any pictures from the Crown Jewels to my blog post as it is forbidden to take any pictures at this parts of the museum. But probably it is a reason why you should visit this place even more and see it on your own eyes, right?

Shard – The View :

I am absolutely obsessed with London and I think every street is so special and beautiful and who wouldn’t like to see it from bird’s perspective, right? The best view over London is definitely from 72nd floor of Shard – The View. I purposely chose to visit it shortly before sunset as I wanted to see this view during light, sunset and night. London is stunning at all times, but if you can’t visit it during light and also night due to pressure of time, my advice is definitely visiting Shard the View when it is dark outside. All the lights shining through the city will take your breath away. After arrival you will take an elevator to 68th floor. The elevator is super fast and it travels by speed of 6meters per second. If you would like to go to 72nd floor, you have to take another elevator, which is as fast as previous one. 72nd floor has an open cieling, so make sure on the day when you decide to visit Shard – The View is not raining. On 72nd floor is located bar as well, where you can enjoy your drink and also dance if you are having inner dancing queen 😀


My day with London Pass was absolutely amazing and I would repeat it anytime. I can honestly tell London Pass is really worth of every penny! I gave you small tip for only 3 of so many different attractions you can visit with London Pass. Other interesting attractions you can visit with London pass in London are for example Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace, London Zoo, HMS Belfast and many many more. If visiting London, don’t hesitate and buy your own London Pass to have an ultimate London experience!

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