Next travel destination : Athens

I have been to Greece a numerous times, but this was my absolutely first time in Athens and I have to say definitely not the last. Athens is such a beautiful city, especially if you are into history. Weather is really warm and sunny the whole time, so make sure when doing sightseeing, you have always a bottle of water with you. You will need it, believe me! Athens are easily accessible, either by walk if you are not lazy πŸ˜› or Athens have also very good system of public transport including underground. You have plenty of taxis available as well, but my experience with taxi drivers wasn’t very good, so I tried to avoid them unless not going very far.

What not to miss while being in Athens:

Acropolis – is definitely the most famous and the most touristic attraction in Athens. And there is a reason for it – it is absolutely stunning place! not talking about the rich history as well. If you want to avoid too many tourists, you should come early in the morning and bring non-slippery shoes as the floor is super slippery here. Once you enter Acropolis you will have access to different temples (temple of Athena and Parthenon) and Dionysos theatre. All are absolutely breath taking ! All of the buildings are extremely beautiful and it is crazy to think something like that was build a thousands of years ago. Appreciate every small detail on them, it was definitely a very hard work to build them. Without any doubt Acropolis was my most favorite place to visit in Athens.

P.S.: If you are into history and planning to visit more historical spots, my advice is to buy a combined ticket which costs 30€ (only entrance to Acropolis is 20€, so it is definitely worth it). You can buy the ticket at the entrance of Acropolis.

Acropolis Museum – is a beautiful museum in a very modern building where you can find statues, pillars etc from Acropolis. Museum is perfect for art, as well as history lovers

Ancient Agora – another beautiful location full of history. Agora was ancient market place, which was center for all civic activities like politics, philosophy, art athletics etc . You can find here another breath taking temple (temple of Hephaistos) and you have also breath taking view over Acropolis from here.

Olympian Zeus – as the name is stating, this temple was worshipped to Zeus (God of all Ancient Greek Gods). Temple is not standing in full, you can find here only some pillars from the temple, but it is definitely a place you should visit. It is absolutely gorgeous !

National Archeological Museum – is definitely a treasure and a must visit place while in Athens. You can find here many historical objects from all around Greece, including jewelry, pottery, statues, weapons etc. I spent here more than 2 hours.Β It is definitely one of the best museums I have ever visited and I am a museum freak πŸ˜€

Plaka – is my absolutely most favorite district in Athens. You can find here super narrow streets, full of white house and many plants. Locals are very friendly and polite people. It is such a photogenic and cosy place! You can find here also many stray cats, which will welcome any cuddles.Β If you keep walking up totally to the top, it offers you such a stunning view over Athens. The view is definitely worth of walking.

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